IEC 62044-3 pdf download – Cores made of soft magnetic materials – Measuring methods – Part 3: Magnetic properties at high excitation level

IEC 62044-3 pdf download – Cores made of soft magnetic materials – Measuring methods – Part 3: Magnetic properties at high excitation level

IEC 62044-3 pdf download – Cores made of soft magnetic materials – Measuring methods – Part 3: Magnetic properties at high excitation level
1 Scope
This standard provides measuring methods for power loss and amplitude permeability ofmagnetic cores forming the closed magnetic circuits intended for use at high excitation levelsin inductors, chokes,transformers and similar devices for power electronics applications.
The methods given in this standard can cover the measurement of magnetic properties forfrequencies ranging practically from d.c. to 10 MHz,and even possibly higher,for thecalorimetric and reflection methods. The applicability of the individual methods to specificfrequency ranges is dependent on the level of accuracy that is to be obtained.
The methods in this standard are basically the most suitable for sine-wave excitations. Otherperiodic waveforms can also be used; however, adequate accuracy can only be obtained ifthe measuring circuitry and instruments used are able to handle and process the amplitudesand phases of the signals involved within the frequency spectrum corresponding to the giveninduction and field strength waveforms with only siightly degraded accuracy.
NOTE It may be necessary for some magnetically soft metallic materials to follow specific general principles,customary for these materials,related to the preparation of specimens and prescribed calculations. Theseprinciples are formulated in IEC 60404-8-6.
Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which,through reference in this text,constitute provisions of this part of EC62044. For dated references,subsequentamendments to, or revisions of, any of these publications do not apply.However,parties toagreements based on this part of lEC 62044 are encouraged to investigate the possibility ofapplying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below.For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies.Members of ECand ls0 maintain registers of currently valid lnternational Standards.
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3.1 Definitions
For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definitions apply in addition tothose oflEc 60050(221).
(effective) amplitude permeability (symbols: amplitude permeability: 4a,effective amplitude permeability : uea)
magnetic permeability obtained from the peak value of the effective magnetic induction,Be,and the peak value of the magnetic field strength,He, at the stated value of either,when themagnetic induction and magnetic field vary periodically with time and with an average of zero,and the material is initially in a specified neutralized sfate
NOTE 1 This definition differs from that of lEC 60050 [221-03-o7].NOTE 2 Two amplitude permeabilities are in common use, namely:
– that in which the peak values apply to the actual waveforms of the induction and field strength,
that in which the peak values apply to the fundamental components of waveforms of the inductionand the field strength.
NOTE 3 The induction and the field strength and,consequently, the amplitude permeability may even be quasi-static quantities, provided the core is cyclically magnetized and no excursion of the B-H curve appears,
maximum (effective) amplitude permeability (symbol ea max)
maximum value of the (effective) amplitude permeability when the amplitude of excitation( Bor ie ) is varied
NOTE This definition differs from that of lEC 60050 [221-03-10].
either induction or field strength for which the waveform and amplitude both remain within thespecified tolerance
NOTE When the induction (field strength) mode of excitation is chosen, the resultant waveform of field strength(induction) may be distorted with respect to the excitation waveform due to the non-linear behaviour of themagnetic material.
high excitation level
excitation at which the permeability depends on excitation amplitude (particularly at lowfrequencies) and/or at which the ‘power loss results in a noticeable temperature rise(particularly at high frequencies)
sinusoidal excitation
excitation of harmonic content of less than 1 %
exciting winding
winding of measuring coil to which the exciting voltage is applied or through which theexciting current is flowing