IEC 61479 pdf download – Travaux sous tension – Protecteurs de conducteurs flexibles en matériau isolant Live working – Flexible conductor covers (line hoses) of insulating material

IEC 61479 pdf download – Travaux sous tension – Protecteurs de conducteurs flexibles en matériau isolant Live working – Flexible conductor covers (line hoses) of insulating material

IEC 61479 pdf download – Travaux sous tension – Protecteurs de conducteurs flexibles en matériau isolant Live working – Flexible conductor covers (line hoses) of insulating material
1 scope
This International Standard is applicable to flexible insulating covers (line hoses) for theprotection of workers from accidental contact with live or earthed electrical conductors and forthe avoidance of short circuits during live working.
Five classes of conductor covers,differing in electrical characteristics,are provided anddesignated as class 0, class 1, class 2, class 3, and class 4.
Six categories of conductor covers differing in composition and properties are provided:category A – acid resistant,category H – oil resistant, category C – formulated for extreme lowtemperature environments,category W – formulated for extreme high temperature environ-ments, category Z – ozone resistant, and category P – formulated for humid environment.
NOTE Types ll and lll material of ASTM D-1050 would be category z.
Various styles of conductor covers,differing in construction characteristics are available andsix of these are designated as style A, styie B, style C, style D, style E, (see figure 1), andstyle F.
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For the purpose of this International Standard, the following definitions apply.
protective cover
rigid or flexible cover made of insulating material used to cover energized andlor dead partsand/or adjacent earthed (grounded) parts in order to prevent contact
NOTE A protective cover is generally designed to provide a required insulation level which makes it able toprovide protection only when a worker inadvertently comes into contact with the protective cover and for only a
short duration.
[IEV 651-04-01, modified]
conductor cover
protective cover made of insulating material and used to shroud the conductor
NOTE These covers can be either flexible or rigid. In general, they are commonly called “line hose”or “lineguards”.
generic term that includes rubber,latex and elastomeric compounds that may be natural orsynthetic or a mixture or a combination of both
material which contains as an essential ingredient a high polymer and which at some stage ofits processing into finished products can be shaped by flow
[ISO 472 modified]
proof test voltage
the specified voltage that is applied to a device for the time defined under specific conditionsto assure that the electrical strength of the insulation is above a specific value
breakdown between electrodes in a gas or a liquid or in vacuum, at least partly along thesurface of solid insulation
[IEV 212-01-37]
path produced through a solid by a breakdown producing permanent damage. The term isalso used as a synonym for electrical breakdown in solids
[IEV 212-01-38]
acceptance test
contractual test to prove to the customer that the device meets certain conditions of itsspecification
[IEV 151-04-20]
routine test
test to which each device is subjected during or after manufacture to ascertain whether itcomplies with certain criteria
[IEV 151-04-16]
sampling test
test on a number of devices taken at random from a batch[IEV 151-04-17]