IEC 61228 pdf download – Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning – Measurement and specification method

IEC 61228 pdf download – Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning – Measurement and specification method

IEC 61228 pdf download – Fluorescent ultraviolet lamps used for tanning – Measurement and specification method
1 scope
This International Standard describes the method of measuring, evaluating and specifying thecharacteristics of fluorescent ultraviolet lamps that are used in appliances for tanningpurposes. lt includes specific requirements regarding the marking of such lamps.
These recommendations relate only to type testing.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references,only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60050-845:1987,International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) – Chapter 845: LightingIEC 60081,Double-capped fluorescent lamps – Performance specifications
IEc 60901,Single-capped fluorescent lamps – Performance specifications
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3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document,the following terms and definitions apply.
ultraviolet lamp
lamp which radiates especially strongly in the ultraviolet, the visible radiation produced,if any,not being of direct interest
[IEV 845-07-52]
fluorescent lamp
discharge lamp of the low-pressure mercury type in which most of the light is emitted by oneor several layers of phosphors excited by the ultraviolet radiation from the discharge
[IEV 845-07-26]
type test
test or a series of tests made on a type test sample for the purpose of checking compliance ofthe design of a given product with the requirements of the relevant standard
instrument for measuring radiometric quantities in narrow wavelength intervals over a givenspectral region
[IEV 845-05-07]
bandwidth at a given wavelength
width at half-amplitude points of the transmittance function of a monochromator (unit: nm)
adjective that,when applied to a quantity X pertaining to electromagnetic radiation, indicates:-either that X is a function of the wavelength a,symbol: X(A);
– or that the quantity referred to is the spectral concentration of X, symbol:Xa= dXld2 .
X is also a function of a and in order to stress this it may be written Xa ( a) without any changeof meaning
[IEV 845-01-16]
quotient of the radiant flux d。incident on an element of the surface containing the point, bythe area dA of that element (unit : wim2)
[IEV 845-01-37]
action spectrum
efficiency of monochromatic radiations for producing a specified phenomenon in a specifiedsystem
[IEV 845-06-14,modified]
adjective that,when applied to a quantity pertaining to electromagnetic radiation,indicatesthat the quantity referred to is weighted according to a specified action spectrum
nominal value
approximate quantity value used to designate or identify a lamp
rated value
quantity value for a characteristic of a lamp for specified operating conditions
NOTEThe value and/or conditions are specified in this standard,or assigned by the manufacture or responsiblevendor.
Before the initial measurements,lamps shall be aged for a period of 5h± 0,25 h undernormal operating conditions.
4.2operating position
During ageing and measurement, lamps shall be operated in a horizontal position. Ageing ispreferably in a horizontal position; a vertical position may also be applied.
4.3Ambient temperature
The measurement shall be made in a draught-free atmosphere at an ambient temperature of25°C±1°C.
NOTE lf applicable, lamps may also be measured under conditions different from the above standard ambienttemperature conditions to establish the optimum UV irradiance,as described in Annex A.
4.4Test voltage
The test voltage applied to the circuit shall be as specified on the relevant lamp data sheet.
Lamps shall be operated with a reference ballast. In cases where a reference ballast has notbeen established,an appropriate test ballast shall be specified by the lamp manufacturer orresponsible vendor.The ballast shall be operating at a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz.
5Test requirements
Spectroradiometric measurements shall be made in accordance with the relevantrecommendations of the CIE (International commission on illumination ), as given in CIE63.
Additional information about UV measurements is given in Annex B of lEC 62471.
Requirements for electrical measurements are given in Annex B of IEC 60081 and IEC 60901.
5.2Spectroradiometric measuring system
Lamps shall be measured in an appropriate spectroradiometric system to obtain the spectralirradiance.
The system input optics shall have cosine response to accurately measure irradiance.
The spectroradiometer shall have a bandwidth not exceeding 2,5 nm.
The distance between detector and lamp axis is not specified but shall be not less than 10 cm.
NOTE 1 For the publication of the final lamp specifications, the measured irradiance values are corrected toarrive at irradiance ‘values at 25 cm distance from the lamp axis (see 6.3).