IEC 60139 pdf download – Preparation of outline drawings for cathode-ray tubes, their components, connections and gauges

IEC 60139 pdf download – Preparation of outline drawings for cathode-ray tubes, their components, connections and gauges

IEC 60139 pdf download – Preparation of outline drawings for cathode-ray tubes, their components, connections and gauges
This International Standard gives guidance on the preparation of outline drawings of cathode-ray tubes (CRTs), tube components, tube sub-assemblies and ancillary components with theobject of encouraging the same practice when publications are prepared in different countries.These recommendations are contained in the specimen drawings, descriptive text and in thetables of required dimensions.
2Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which,through reference in this text,constitute provisions of this International ‘Standard. For dated references,subsequentamendments to,or revisions of,any of these publications do not apply.However,parties toagreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibilityof applying the most recent editions of the normative documents indicated below.For undatedreferences, the latest edition of the normative document referred to applies. Members of lECand lso maintain registers of currently valid International Standards.
IEC 60027-1:1995,Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology – Part 1 : GenerallEC 60050 (all parts),International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV)
IEC 60617(all parts),Graphical symbols for diagrams
ISO 1000: Sl units and recommendations for the use of their multiples and of certain otherunits
3.1 Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this International Standard,the following definitions apply.
anode button
conductive contact which provides electrical continuity from the outside of the insulatingenvelope to the anode electrode inside the tube
axes of the CRT
principal axis
axis perpendicular to the panel and the phosphor screen which passes through the centrepoint of the panel, the funnel, deflection yoke region and the electron gun
integral neck components
devices attached to the neck and/or funnel of the CRT by the manufacturer
mounting hardware that has a blade section generally furnished with a mounting hole toreceive a mounting bolt
magnetic shield
ferromagnetic cone,roughly the shape of the funnel,that excludes external magnetic fieldsfrom the electron beam region
mould-match line
line of maximum dimension of the moulded part, located at the mating plane of the two halvesof a mould
mounting system
hardware atfached to the CRT that facilitates mounting the CRT
projected screen dimensions
screen dimensions as they appear to a viewer outside the CRT(at infinite distance)
NOTEThe dimensions are projected along optical paths from the screen surface onto a plane perpendicular tothe principal CRT axis.
reference line
yoke reference line
fundamental plane for measurement and control of the funnel geometry
sagiltal height
height from a plane tangential to the surface (of the panel) at its centre
screen diagonal
diagonal of the largest rectangle of the design aspect ratio inscribed within the screenboundary
useful screen dimensions
projected dimensions of the inner surface of the glass panel determined useful by the CRTglass manufacturer
useful phosphor screen dimensions
projected dimensions of the phosphor screen determined useful by the CRT manufacturer
axis of a CRT component or CRT gauge typically aligned with the principal axis of the CRT